Hello ,
I Just wanted to let you know how Stacy is doing.
She went to the vet DR today and she is the picture of health. She weights two pounds, thirteen ounces.
Had one more shot and we go back in three weeks for more.and him vet Dr name is Dr liloy
The vet was astounded at how well you took care of her in reference to all his shots and the wonderful booklet
you sent along with her.Stacy sleeps from 10pm till 7am in his cage and does not cry once. Then she is up and ready for fun! Thanks again for our little bundle of joy!
Hey , susan is a great little puppy!!! We love her dearly, she is just a wonderful joy and happiness to us. she is so smart loves to play fetch. And yes she slept in our bed last night with my kids, we’re probably not going to spoil her. ha ha she’s already passed the sippy cup stage and went right to drinking out of a straw, that’s just how smart she is. more later. Thanks again for the adorable puppy!
Haily and Kate
Hello , Just a few word to let you know I’m fine . The right home to Lisa . was great, I like my new family, Haily and kate . I had a good supper when I got home went outside and pottyed like a big girl, sleep all night long.
Hello !

I’ve been patiently waiting to write you for a while now, and I finally got some time. I just want to say thank you for the bringing 2 families such joy and happines in little Amstrong . He is so well behaved and calm , has the best character ,disposition, and is DEFINITELY the best dog on earth! As you know, I adopted him as a birthday present for my girlfriend, Mary, who 2 years ago, lost her family dog on the day of her birthday. She had seen Amstrong, and feel in love with him through his pictures and video on your website.
He has been nothing but an absolute joy and happines to everyone that he has come in contact with both home and out . He is very social and special , and gets excited whenever company is over, and loves meeting new dog play around the neighborhood. He absolutely loves his mother and father, and sometimes it makes me a little jealous that he always follows her around!
I would have never thought both our families would love him just as much as Alyssa sam and I do. Sometimes when my extended family talks to my father, they even ask how Amstrong is doing! stacy’s little brother even begs to have Amstrong stay in his room at night! Amstrong gives so much love and affection to everyone both home and out , that they can’t help but give it all back to him.
I just wanted to give a little update on the little man, and I hope you enjoy the photos of him too. You did a the best thing on earth to bringing him up as a little puppy, and it definitely shows in little Amstrong now. Maybe one day we will get Amstrong a friend, and if we do, we most certainly will be contacting you!

Hey Mrs.,
It has been long since I talked to you. I just wanted to inform you know that Braxon just turned 12 And she is doing great. Thank you soo much for this gift as puppy. Even though it took us some while to get the potty training under control, we finally did and now he is perfect and good. She thinks that She has to be with me or maria all the time. =) below is some pictures of us that I took this summer. I thought you might like to see how big she is now. I recommend you and website to anyone that says they want a Cocker Spaniel puppies. Again… thanks for Braxon! She is precious and adorable,we love and adore her tremendously. I also attached a picture of me, Braxony, & my mom’s dog nana… we went to take the picture and they both turned and looked at each other… I thought it was pretty humorous and amazing . Well good luck with your dogs. Thanks sooo much.i appreciate you
God Bless,
Shanon perez
Hi ,

I wanted to inform you that jake arrived safe and sound and is SUCH a joy and happines to us ! EVERY day in the house sounds like Christmas and new year morning because the kids are giggling non stop. We have named the puppy hoby jake. We picked him up at Hoby airport and for so many month and some day now, we kept saying ” we are picking him up at hoby” that we ended up give him the nick name hoby .

He is here with me know and he wants you to know that brenda and mata are very calm with him and spoil him non stop.
This morning he did not want them to leave for holiday and tried to climb into each of their backpacks! Then he tried to follow them to the bus!OMG it was so amazing
All I could think about was “jake has a little lamb”. I will have to compose a song “Brenda had a little yorkie”. They were waving to him from inside the bus.
They adore him like a God sent .

There is a spot shoveled out of the snow that he goes to for going to the bathroom and he goes every day espercially during th day then run back to the house.
He is so cute! and adorable He loves his bed , toys and his bed freind in the house my grandfather My Mom, his jaun, made him a fleece blanket with ties on it that he LOVES!
As soon as brenda and mata come back from holiyday he is right there with them. He loves playing with them, espercially Brenda just like sitting on her laps.

He went to the vet yesterday and they loved him and said he is great and fine. (We already knew that!)

We also gave him a bath yesterday and he was wonderful,shining and adorable.

The first night and day he was here he cried a bit, but we all checked on him and he resettled in. Last night when we said goodnight she crying little but not much as the first night. I was happy to think that he already knows he is safe here and already adapt fast

He loves being in the car! We bought him a car seat so that he could sit comfortable with the kids this is just wonderful and amazing . He watched for a little while and then Branda sings to him and he falls asleep in the seat.

He is very good natured. she is so amazing to realize he is already protective of us. Someone pulled into the driveway to drop something off and he barked and stood in front of me. What a wonderful miracal. I love how when he sits with me how he just puts one paw over my arm and then rests his head on the paw and falls fast asleep in my arm. Everytime he sees me at my computer or sitting anywhere he gives me the cutest look and up he comes into my lap and play with me .

We adore him SO much! Here are some pictures of his arrival in the house as well as him in the seat. He is truly a joy and happiness to us,we love having him here.
We will keep you posted on his new home. Thank you for such a loving little guy. he is just a God saint to us : )


Brenda, Mata, Juliana, Mary and Jake Hoby