About Us

To be able to share the affection of such beautiful and smart little creatures is a blessing. My family and I have a fondness for the Cocker Spaniel, Training and socializing them as a team. Raising them in our home and as a team presents us with a rare opportunity at a companionship that mutually improves us( man and pet), developing traits such as patience and loyalty.
We are committed to providing you with the most beautiful companion in our Cocker Spaniel puppies. Home bred with our kids and other pets, house broken and socialized, we have gone to great lengths to make sure they have the best possible start with their new families, feeding them properly and care which is second to none.
We assure you, you have found with us the most lovable companion for yourself and your family. We are very concerned about the type of homes our puppies will be going to as they are our major concern.
We have been breeding Cocker Spaniel puppies since 2008 and with the experience we’ve gained through the years, we are confident our puppies are some of the healthiest you will find, putting in relentless effort in the elimination of life threatening diseases and genetic conditions through a vigorous scientific and physical methods beginning with the selection of our parent Cocker Spaniel to the training and exercising of our young Cocker Spaniel.
Breeding these amazing puppies isn’t just for the profit as we refuse to give our puppies out to middle men (brokers) or unskilled or wanna be breeders. Our puppies are meant to go to great families willing to share their space and hearts with our babies and we find so much joy in reading the testimonial of satisfied clients.
Knowing our clients are satisfied, that our puppies met or exceeded their expectations is ecstatic, a feeling we can only describe as fulfillment as our client satisfaction is second only to breeding healthy puppies on our list of priorities.
We fell in love with the Cocker Spaniel breed soon after getting one as an emotional support dog for my mother, and quickly developed and interest in the breed, breeding Cocker Spaniel is the result of this love and interest and breeding the best quality possible the objective. striving to meet standards, using health and temperament as guidelines. Being very attached to our puppies makes raising them so much fun but makes finding the right home for them very difficult as we are very careful not to let them fall into the wrong hands.
We understand that getting a new puppy as an addition to your family is a huge decision and step, while you go through our website and decide which of our puppies you would like to re home, we would ask that you do research on the breed just so you are fully aware of the position you will be assuming, as Cocker Spaniel puppies may be unaware of their small sizes but you should be fully aware that they will need your care and protection.
Besides breeding and re homing Cocker Spaniel puppies, we also have regular jobs but intend on becoming full time breeders when retired.



ABOUT Cocker Spaniel BREED………………….
“Little dogs with big hearts” would be the most appropriate description for the Cocker Spaniel, unaware of their small sizes the Cocker Spaniel has a bold persona. Ideal for large family homes and small apartments as well, the Cocker Spaniel has a lively and exuberant nature, full of energy, they can keep up with kids and are always eager to play and discover.
Their loyalty and devotion to their owners is legendary and they tend to create strong bonds and become very attached to their family. Described as having attitude, the Cocker Spaniel has a mind of its own, bold, resolute and inquisitive, some consider them to be stubborn but it is only part of their charm and even though this breed is categorized as a toy breed, there is a lot of terrier in them. While a toy breed and a greatly pampered one, the Cocker Spaniel is a spirited dog and definitely shows personality.
The Cocker Spaniel being brave makes a great watch dog and pet but being a toy breed is fragile and may need more care than bigger breeds, they how ever do not need too much exercise to remain healthy.



Cocker Spaniel puppies are naturally soft tempered companions and their temperaments and personalities depend largely on how they are raised. Generally, the Cocker Spaniel is very playful but to each dog its unique personality. Socializing your puppy is important as they are very suspicious of strangers and it is in their nature bark and in rare cases may snap when around new people, they can also get loud but its only because they are trying to communicate (let you know there is something wrong or they want something) also Overprotected Cocker Spaniel puppies tend to become neurotic. Good with Kids and the elderly as well as with other pets when well trained.
Their above average intelligence makes the Cocker Spaniel easy to train, sometimes considered stubborn and not easy to housebreak the Cocker Spaniel responds very positively to encouragement and trophies or reward training.
On a more general level Cocker Spaniel terriers are bold, loyal, resolute, protective, smart, adventurous and kind hearted pets with nothing but love for their owner and family and posses great personalities.