Welcome to Our Home For Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale

homeThe love for our dogs and for this unique breed increases day by day in our hearts.
Passion and constant hard work is made throughout our litters, in order to achieve healthy and well-tempered puppies.


Our Cocker Spaniel were selected following the breed standard suitable for family life so we are paying special attention to the character of our dogs from birth by living in close daily contact with us so they can be used to being around humans and other animals.

Welcome to our passion! We Adriana and George.
Since childhood, with separate lives we grew up in close contact with various types of animals, and of course also with dogs of different breeds.

A few years ago thanks to a friend of ours, we got to know her Jakino Silvio. The energy, intelligence, cunning, sympathy, attachment to his master. The sweetness a mix that made us understand that it could be the right breed for us.

After a careful and thorough research we brought home SISSY! Our little princess! The involvement was great and, after one year, arrived Zak, Sofia, Zea, Zara, Zarina, Obiwan, Filip and Lemy…

We are fortunate to live surrounded by greenery and close to a watercourse.  We are happy to give them a chance to vent the energy in the full freedom of their nature!

My Dogs are like my shadow. But i trust them more for alerts and protection.
My adventure with Cocker Spaniel began almost by chance with the arrival of Vicky in 2010 and since then has been continuously deepen their knowledge of the breed in all its facets.

Living with a Cocker Spaniel is far from having a big plush living at the foot of the couch, living with a Cocker Spaniel has more to do with an understanding, a relationship between two solid and enduring, a relationship that is created over time and that the time can not touch.

The Cocker Spaniel is a great looking dog, intelligent, a dog that can give a lot of satisfaction in the work, whatever it is.

It’s amazing how you never stop learning about this breed and it is amazing how a Cocker Spaniel repay you know every minute spent with him.
This site does not have great ambitions, simply to bring this passion and share it with lovers of the breed.